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Start your day on the fast lane by joining the HOMA Running Club. Guided by Fundy, our staff will take you for a jog around the Samkong neighborhood every Monday morning.

When does the session start?

The running club will start from the HOMA lobby at 7.30 am every Monday morning. So make sure to grab your athletic shoes and be ready 10 minutes before starting time. The route will depend on weather and traffic conditions but will usually be around 4-5 KM per session.

What's in it for you?

Apart from the Runner's High that releases 'feel good' chemicals, morning runs are a good method of cardio, helps with stress reduction, and is a pleasant way to explore the town. In this session, you'll typically burn up to 30 calories (equivalent to 1 can of beer!).

How to join

For safety reasons, the running club will limit max occupancy to 4 people per session. If you're interested in joining, don't forget to book an early spot at our reception.

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