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10 Phuket Local Dishes You Can’t Leave Without Trying

Hello, fellow food adventurers! If you’re staying with us at HOMA Phuket Town or just wandering through the colourful streets nearby, you’re in for a treat. Phuket’s food scene is a vibrant tapestry of tastes waiting to be discovered. To make your culinary exploration a breeze, we’ve rounded up 10 incredible Phuket local dishes that you can’t leave without trying. So, grab your forks (and spoons!) – let’s embark on a flavor-filled journey through Phuket Town’s best eats, all just a hop, skip, and a jump from your cozy retreat near HOMA.

10 Must-Try Phuket Local Dishes and Where to Find Them

1. Mee Hokkien (หมี่ฮกเกี๊ยน)


Mee Hokkien, with its origins in China’s Fujian province, made its way to Phuket with Chinese immigrants. As they settled on the island, they infused local Thai ingredients into their beloved noodle dish, creating the Phuket-style Mee Hokkien. A popular noodle dish in Phuket, Mee Hokkien features stir-fried thick yellow noodles with prawns, squid, and a flavorful seafood broth. If you’re visit Phuket this Phuket local food must try!

2. Kanom Jeen (ขนมจีน)


Kanom Jeen is often served with an array of aromatic curries, from mild to fiery, and a variety of fresh herbs and vegetables. It’s a common breakfast dish but enjoyed any time of day. In Phuket, with its own unique blend of cultures, the dish has been further enriched by local tastes and ingredients, making it a beloved part of the island’s diverse culinary landscape.

3. Lo Ba (โลบะ)


Originating from “Lo ba” from the Chinese dish “Lu Wei,” it was adapted by the local Hokkien and Teochew people who settled in Phuket. This delicacy combines various meats like pork belly, tofu, and sometimes even duck, stewed in a rich, fragrant soy-based sauce infused with five-spice. So, the next time you’re in Phuket, be sure to try Loba, a traditional Phuket local food, a dish that’s as unforgettable as the island itself.

4. Aiyu jelly (วุ้นไอโยว)


Aiyu jelly has a mildly sweet and refreshing taste with a delicate, slightly floral aroma. It is not overly flavorful on its own, which is why it is commonly served with a squeeze of lemon or lime juice and sometimes sweetened with honey or syrup to enhance its light, refreshing qualities.

The texture of Aiyu jelly is its most distinctive feature—it is soft, smooth, and gelatinous, similar to Jell-O but with a firmer bite. When eaten cold, especially on a hot day, its cool and slippery texture provides a pleasant and soothing mouthfeel.

5. O Tao (โอวต้าว)


O Tao is Phuket on a plate – bold, vibrant, and utterly irresistible. “O Tao” is a gem that you won’t find on every street corner in Thailand. It’s a specialty that’s deeply rooted in Phuket’s local culture and is relatively unknown to the world at large. It’s the sizzle of oysters mingling with eggs and batter, a dish that draws you in with its crisp edges and soft, savory center, topped with a sauce that’s the perfect blend of sweet and sour, often enjoyed with a spicy chilli sauce.

6. Moo Hong (หมูฮ้อง)


The dish consists of pork belly that is braised until it is tender, seasoned with garlic, pepper, coriander roots, and sometimes a hint of palm sugar to add a touch of sweetness. The soy sauce, a staple in Chinese cuisine, forms the base of the flavorful stew, while the Thai touch comes in with the addition of local spices and herbs. You should try this Phuket local food with jasmine rice it’s perfect combination.

7. Nam Prik Kung Siap (น้ำพริกกุ้งเสียบ)


Nam Prik Kung Siap hails from the Thai tradition of preserving seafood. It’s a Phuket favorite where smoked shrimp are ground with spicy chilli served with seasonal vegetables, a communal dish that brings families and friends together in a sharing style. The taste is a smoky and spicy blend, with the umami of the sea from the shrimp balanced by the heat of chilies. It’s often mellowed out with fresh, crunchy vegetables, offering a multi-layered flavor experience that’s deeply savory with a fiery kick.

8. Tao Sor (เต้าส้อ)


Tao Sor is a little pastry that holds within its flaky layers the story of Phuket’s Peranakan, or “Baba-Nyonya,” culture. The Peranakans are descendants of Chinese migrants who came to the Malay archipelago including Phuket and married locals, creating a unique hybrid culture over the centuries. When you bite into a Tao Sor, you can expect a contrast of textures: the crispness of the outer layer giving way to the soft, rich interior. This is a pastry that is satisfying without being too heavy, often enjoyed as a light snack or a sweet treat alongside a cup of tea or coffee.

9. Oh Aew (โอเอ๋ว)


Oh Aew is a dessert that originates from Phuket, the dessert uses ingredients that are readily available in the region, like banana flour and jelly made from the seeds of a local plant similar to chia, often referred to as O-Aew seeds.

Oh Aew has a subtly sweet and slightly chewy texture. The jelly itself is mild in flavor, which makes it perfect for absorbing the richer tastes of accompanying syrups or toppings like red beans, sweet corn, and sometimes a scoop of ice cream. When served over crushed ice with a bit of syrup, a refreshing reprieve from the tropical heat.

10. A Pong (อาโป๊ง)


A pong is a traditional Phuket food that carries with it the whispers of the island’s past. It is emblematic of the Sino-Portuguese influence in the region, a culinary footprint left by Chinese immigrants. These paper-thin crispy pancakes are said to have evolved from the Chinese Jianbing but have taken on a unique local character in Phuket.

The taste of A pong is defined by its simplicity. It is mildly sweet, with the primary flavors coming from the fresh coconut milk and a hint of palm sugar that caramelizes slightly when cooked, offering a delicate aroma. Its texture is its defining characteristic: crisp around the edges with a softer, sponge-like center that melts in your mouth. A pong is often enjoyed on its own or with a sprinkle of sugar for added sweetness, a perfect light dessert or snack that reflects the easy-going tropical vibe of Phuket.

Pitch your tent at HOMA Phuket Town and savor these 4 Phuket local dishes hotspots just a stroll away!

Hop in – these 4 restaurants are just a quick 10-minute drive away from HOMA Phuket Town, serving up authentic local delights. Let’s dive into the delicious fun!

  1. Lock Tien Restaurant is your go-to for the classic Mee Hokkien and the sweet, intricate Tao Sor, a testament to timeless recipes passed down through generations.
  2. Savor the rich tapestry of flavors at Tu Kab Khao Restaurant, with their delectable Kanom Jeen and the tender Moo Hong, each dish a celebration of the island’s culinary diversity.
  3. Step into the elegant Blue Elephant Phuket for a taste of the sublime Lo Ba, where tradition meets a touch of finesse.
  4. For the quintessential O Tao, crispy and filled with the sea’s bounty, O Tao Bang Niao is the place to be, embodying Phuket’s love for seafood.Roam the vibrant local markets for the fiery Nam Prik Kung Siap, and end on a sweet note with the local delights of Aiyu jelly, Oh Aew, and A Pong, where every bite is a festive affair.

We hope you take pleasure in these traditional dishes and the rich tapestry of tastes they bring to life. Bon appétit, or as we say in Thai, ‘Gin Khao’ with joy!

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