The Best Rides and Attractions at Andamanda Water Park [Review]

Introducing Andamanda Phuket – The Great Water Kingdom is the largest leisure and entertainment destination in Phuket Town that recently opened during Q2 of 2022. This brand new water park design is inspired by traditional Thai culture and literature blended with Phuket’s very own Sino-Portuguese heritage. Only a 5-minute car ride from HOMA, Andamanda is great for groups traveling with friends, as a couple, or as a family. Escape the heat and enjoy a relaxing day out at Andamanda Water Park!

Amanda Water Park Phuket Review

The HOMA Guide team lost our voices from screaming on all the thrilling rides we had to review for this article. Nevertheless, we will be introducing the top rides not-to-miss for daredevils and adrenaline junkies as well as chill spots for those who just want to relax. First of all, let’s look at a list of things you’ll need to bring.

Things you need to bring:

  • Swimsuit
  • Sunscreen
  • Towel
  • Sunglasses
  • Waterproof phone case
  • Dry bag
  • Water shoes & goggles (optional)
  • A challenging spirit

Andamanda Water Park Map

The tropical water park consists of 17 rides 32 sliders and 5 main zones for guests to enjoy; The Great Andamanda Bay, Naga Jungle, Coral World, Emerald Forest, and Pearl Palace.

Andamanda Phuket Map
Andamanda Phuket Map

Top thrilling rides not to miss

Angel Slides Amanda Water Park

1. Angel Slides – Trek to the top of Kinarees temple to enjoy a thrilling ride with angels. This attraction can take up to 2 people on a floating device that endures multiple drops and swerves.

💡 Pro Tip: Sit at the front of the floating device for the best thrill!

2. Cobra Curls – The Cobra Curls is definitely one not for the faint-hearted. For this attraction, you will step into a capsule at the very top of Naga Jungle. Once the doors are closed, there is no turning back. Brace yourself for when the trap doors open from beneath your feet and before you even know it, you’ll be free-falling through an inverted loop flume for over 61 meters.

3. Eagle Flyer – The Eagle Flyer is HOMA Guide’s personal favorite. Located to the left of the Great Andamanda Bay, this ride is great for group travelers as it can take up to 5 people at a time. Prepare yourself for the ultimate flight experience as the floating donut will take you and your friends soaring down a drop before sliding back up to a near-vertical wall and zooming back down again.

4. Dragon’s Drop – Similar to the Cobra Curls, the Dragon’s Drop is one not to miss for the daredevils. As you’re waiting in line, get used to hearing the screams of those who have also chosen to take this thrilling drop. Step into the dragon’s capsule and make peace with your fear of heights because after 3-2-1, you’ll ultimately free-fall down from great heights as your adrenaline will shoot up in the opposite direction.

5. Garuda Soars – Soar through the Naga Jungle in the ultimate gravity-defying slide. Unlike the Cobra Curls and Dragon’s Drop, this ride doesn’t need a trap door for your thrill. Just lie on your back and enjoy the high-speed drop while enjoying the view of the Great Andamanda Bay.

Top chill spots for relaxation

  1. Andamanda Bay – Enjoy a relaxing afternoon while sipping cocktails and getting a suntan. The Great Andamanda Bay boasts 10,000 sqm of man-made sea, the largest of its kind in Southeast Asia. Here you can either chill by the sandy beach or grab a floating tube and venture out to catch the waves.
  2. Koh Tapu – Imitated from the famous James Bond Island (Koh Tapu) from Phang Nga Bay, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of Koh Tapu and the Great Bay from this pool. Equipped with a pool bar, this attraction is great for when you want to relax and grab cold drinks after soaking up the sun.
  3. Rolling Ripples – The best place to wind down after conquering the thrilling rides. The Rolling Ripples is Southeast Asia’s longest lazy river. Grab a tube a let the current take you around 550 meters of relaxing jungle scenery, coral reefs, and waterfalls. This attraction is great for kids and families as the pool is only 1 meter deep.
  4. Atoll adventures – Another underrated attraction located in Coral World or as known as the ‘kids zone’. An interactive three-story play structure comes with 8 slides and over 300 additional hands-on water activities including water guns to shoot at others; this attraction guarantees you to get wet from head to toe. Listen carefully for the bell as it signals a warning that 500 gallons of water are about to drop down.
  5. Sand Bar – The Sand Bar & Sand Beach are ultimately one attraction that is great for adults who are just looking to chill. Grab your cold drinks, beers, or cocktails at the swim-up bar and choose your spot – either in the water or on the white sand beach. Once well-rested, come on over to the FlowRider section nearby. Grab a body board and test your balance skills surfing through endless artificial waves.

Where can I get tickets?

The ticket prices cost 1200THB for an adult explorer (height 122cm and above), and 1000THB for Mini and Senior explorers (children below 122cm & those aged 60 years and older). The entry ticket allows you to experience all the rides in the park. In addition to the entry ticket, we recommend you keep all your belongings safe and dry in their locker room for 150THB per locker. For an additional fee of 200THB, you can also get a waterproof phone case at the park.

Escape the heat and beat the lines by getting your tickets in advance via the following channels; Andamanda, Klook (transportation option available), and Get Your Guide.

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