4 reasons why you should allow pets at work

When talking about pets, current pet owners will immediately know that one of the best feelings in the world is coming home to a loyal companion after a stressful day at work. Our furry friends help us recover from emotional fatigue and make us forget about all our problems (even just for a little while). This emotional impact pets have on humans can also be utilized to uplift employees within a work environment.

Enzo - Assistant Branch Manager
Enzo – Assistant Branch Manager

With that said, major companies like Amazon, Google, and Salesforce have already adopted a pet-friendly workplace as many studies have shown that having pets around decreases your levels of stress-related hormones, lowers blood pressure, and boosts your mood.

In this article, we’ll be talking about why having a pet-friendly work environment is beneficial for your company.

Benefits of pets at the workplace

4 reasons why you should allow pets at work
4 reasons why you should allow pets at work

Having pets around in the workplace not only offers benefits for the employees but for the employers too. Spending too much time on a project or having back-to-back meetings can cause workplace stress which leads to a tense atmosphere for the company. Pets, especially dogs and cats, can contribute to factors that positively affect the workplace setting.

Here are 4 reasons why it is beneficial to have a pet-friendly workplace;

1. Pets help reduce stress and boost morale

Pets, especially dogs and cats can help reduce stress, anxiety, and depression. Studies have shown that having social interactions with animals and pets helps lower cortisol levels (your body’s main stress hormone) and in turn, releases oxytocin which is a stress-reducing hormone.

Sanya - Chief Scratchetist
Sanya – Chief Scrategist

Therefore, introducing a pet policy that allows your employees to bring their pets with them to the office can decrease stress levels for all employees in the workplace and consequently, has a positive effect on the office morale.

2. Pets increase teamwork and social engagement

As mentioned above, pets are an effective way of making people smile and lightening the mood, especially in stressful situations. Not only do they help boost workplace morale but pets can be the ultimate source to promote prosocial behavior, making people connect and engage with each other more.

Huba - Barketing Manager
Huba – Barketing Manager

A research article from Central Michigan University found that pets in a workplace often act as an icebreaker and encourage more interaction among employees. This has a positive effect on the workplace as people automatically feel more cooperative which ultimately leads to better teamwork. After all, better communication leads to more trust which is essential in a work environment.

3. Pets help stimulate productivity

Having pets around is a natural reminder for people to pause and take a break from the project they are involved in. A USC report suggests that spending too much time on a project can actually decrease productivity and cause unnecessary stress.

Marty - Head of Mess Development
Marty – Head of Mess Development

This is where pets come in as the unsung hero; bringing pets to work most likely will lead employees to take regular physical and mental breaks. Whether it is going on for a short walk or just a little playtime, temporary breaks allow people to clear their minds and come back feeling more refreshed. While some (outdated) companies see this as a counterproductive measure, having pets around is actually beneficial for workers to increase productivity.

4. Pets improve employee Retention

All the factors mentioned above all point to one thing; job satisfaction. We start to see major companies adopt policies that aim to make the work environment more welcoming and relaxed. Allowing employees to bring their pets to work contributes to this by creating a safe space for employees. It is a fundamental concept that when employees are happier with their work environment, they are less likely to leave. A stress-free individual not only produces better work but they are less likely to be absent and in turn, companies benefit from a better retention rate.

Odin – Chief Playtime Officer

Considerations for having pets at work

While having pets in the workplace is beneficial, there are also considerations that should be taken into account when doing so. Employers should ensure a healthy environment for pets and employees alike.

Here are some common courtesy pet owners should follow before bringing their pets in;

  • Pet owners must be considerate when encountering colleagues who do not feel comfortable around their furry friends
  • Make sure that your pet(s) maintain good hygiene to avoid spreading sicknesses such as fleas or ticks
  • Pet owners should confirm that their pet’s vaccinations are up to date
  • When meeting other pets, make sure to introduce them slowly as some might not be fond of new people and environments
  • All employees and pet owners should be made aware of the pet’s dietary restrictions as well as make sure pets are well-trained enough to not cause any disruption to the office

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