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7 Best Things To Do in Si Racha

Updated: Jun 27, 2023

Ah, Si Racha, the Japanese-influenced Thai town with lots to discover and a pretty great location to travel to. Si Racha is a beautiful coastal city located in the Chonburi province of Thailand. Only a 1-hour drive from Suvarnabhumi Airport (BKK) and a 40-minute drive to Pattaya Beach, Si Racha makes the perfect quick city getaway.

As you might have noticed, the town’s name is quite similar to the name of a famous hot sauce brand. Well, it is actually the birthplace of the famous hot sauce Sriracha! But let’s put aside the sauce for now and take a look at some of the best things you can do in Si Racha!

Best Things To Do in Si Racha

1. J Park Nihon Mura

J Park Nihon Mura Community Mall Sriracha

Probably the most well-known place in Si Racha, J Park is a community mall built to be a “Little Osaka” in Thailand. This quaint mall features authentic Japanese architecture, signages, stores, and restaurants - making you feel like traveling to Japan. The large mall is dedicated to bringing the 10,000 or so Japanese citizens in Si Racha together regularly.

The architecture for the buildings in J Park is inspired by the Japanese village buildings from the Meiji era and the late Edo period. Specific areas are decorated to mirror the different seasons and festivals celebrated in Japan, which means this is a paradise for photo-taking! And don’t get us started on the food! There are plenty of Japanese restaurants, bakeries, and dessert shops to choose from. Highly recommended for those into Japanese culture, architecture, and food!

2. Khao Kheow Open Zoo

Khao Kheow Open Zoo Sriracha

Perhaps one of the most beloved zoos in Thailand, the Khao Kheow Open Zoo is the largest zoo in the country - featuring a huge population of wildlife rare and exotic alike. Take a ride on a bicycle, tram, or electric cart around the premises and enjoy the fun and wonder of the animal kingdom.

Highlights include swimming elephants, tigers and lions, African savannah wildlife, hippos, a walk-through aviary, and a deer park where you can sit around and pet and feed docile deer. For those who are busy during the day, the zoo also offers a night safari session, but don’t forget to bring your own snacks as stores are all closed at night. A place perfect for a family trip!

3. Space Inspirium

Space Inspirium Museum Sriracha

Image source:

Introducing Thailand’s first space museum and learning center! The Space Inspirium is a great place if you’re traveling with kids. The museum features a bevy of activities and installations guaranteed to keep children (and adults) entertained as well as educated in all things space.

The museum is partitioned into 13 different sections, with each focusing on a specific aspect of space exploration. The activities and facilities include;

  • Space Mission Game

  • Space 3D Theatre

  • Gyroscope

  • 9D EGG Virtual Reality Adventure

  • GNSS Innovation Centre

  • VR Sphere

  • Mars Walk

  • Future City

If you’re in need of some cool things to look at and experience, we can’t recommend this place enough.

4. All the Country Clubs

Crystal Bay Golf Club Sriracha

Don’t let traveling separate you from golf! For those who love golf, Si Racha provides you with ample choice, but one of the most popular is the Crystal Bay Golf Club. It's located on the outskirts of the city and offers stunning views of the surrounding hills and countryside. The course is well-maintained and features challenging fairways, water hazards, and well-placed bunkers.

The clubhouse provides golfers with all the amenities they need, including a pro shop, locker rooms, and a restaurant serving delicious Thai cuisine. With its scenic location and top-notch facilities, Crystal Bay Golf Club is a great choice for golfers of all levels who are looking for a memorable golfing experience in Sriracha. Swing away and let nature accompany your game in style.

5. Khao Phra Khru Monastery

Khao Phra Khru Monastery Sriracha

Feeling for a scenic adventure? You shouldn’t miss out on visiting the Khao Phra Khru Monastery then. It is known for its stunning golden pagoda, which houses relics of Lord Buddha. The monastery is surrounded by lush greenery and offers stunning views of the surrounding mountains. Visitors can soak in the culture and tradition by participating in meditation sessions and observing the daily rituals of the monks.

The peaceful atmosphere and beautiful surroundings make Khao Phra Khru Monastery a must-visit destination for those seeking spiritual enlightenment and tranquility. Enjoy the intricate design and architecture of the monastery while taking in the view of the whole of Si Racha from the top. This might just be the most Insta-worthy spot in town!

6. Koh Loy Park

Koh Loy Park Si Racha

Image source: Museum Thailand

Another attraction for you to enjoy Thailand’s traditional architecture. Koh Loy Park provides a lovely sightseeing spot, complete with the former royal palace of King Chulalongkorn, playgrounds for kids, shops, and a turtle garden where you can see and feed sea turtles.

Many travelers as well as the locals spend time here when they want to relax and feel the ocean breeze while taking in the sights. As it is a tourist spot, you can rest assured that the facilities are well-maintained.

Another highlight of the island park is the ferry terminal, where you can book a ticket for Ko Si Chang Island - another great destination for those wanting to escape the hustle and bustle of the city.

7. TUKCOM Shopping Plaza

TUKCOM Shopping Plaza Sriracha

Image source:

This shopping plaza is perfect if you’re looking for a place to cool off from the humid Si Racha weather, grab a bite to eat as well as keep your kids entertained. Well, you will find all of those things and more at TUKCOM Shopping Plaza. The shopping mall features a large indoor playground on top of the comfy air-conditioning and restaurants.

The mall is the largest lifestyle and IT hub in the city, offering the latest in lifestyle and tech for your daily needs. It is the best place to look for any electronics if you’re in need of some.

Your Home in Si Racha

HOMA Si Racha
HOMA Si Racha

The town of Si Racha offers a lot of fun activities, great food, and awesome scenery. Yet with all that, you’d need a comfortable stay when the day is done. If you’re something that's right at the center of the bustling town, be sure to check out HOMA Si Racha.

Along with the luminous and aesthetically decorated rooms, HOMA Si Racha residents will also have access to many premium amenities including a Japanese-style onsen, an indoor Golf Simulator powered by Foresight Sports, a brand-new Fitness Center, a Japanese Restaurant, and a Rooftop Pool with breathtaking views of the city.

Whether it’d be a short stay, or a longer one, our one-bedroom living complex will definitely keep you comfortable and accessible to everything. Check out HOMA and start exploring Si Racha today!


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