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Pets of HOMA – Meet Chigo

Lars, Irene, and Lucky - pets of homa

Meet Chigo, the 7-year-old Pembroke Welsh Corgi. Originally born in Iowa, he spent his puppy years living in the windy city of Chicago where he got his name. Due to his family being diplomats, he possesses his own passport and has been jet-setting around the world. As of today, Chigo has lived in the United States ????????, Thailand ????????, and Indonesia ????????. Currently, he is enjoying vacationing in Phuket, living at HOMA with Jap from the marketing team. Due to his short legs and heart-shaped butt ????, he has quickly become a popular figure for both guests and staff at HOMA, many of which have bought him treats and toys.

Chigo the Corgi at HOMA pet-friendly apartments

At just 6 months old, Chigo graduated from the PetSmart Training Program in Chicago. He now masters all kinds of tricks including; sit, down, high five, roll, kiss kiss, love you ????, and the most famous – play dead ????.

What is Chigo like?

lucky the white labrador

Chigo can be generally described as a nervous dog who likes to overthink. Despite having traveled around the world, Chigo still has separation anxiety when his primary owner leaves his sight. An all-bark, no-bite kind of dog who feels more comfortable around people who give him attention at all times. He is a fast eater but a slow walker and doesn’t like it when you touch his back paws.

Deep down, this little loaf of fur thinks he’s human and is always good at meeting new people, especially girls. He prefers human contact over playing with dog toys and when it comes to meeting other animals, he is very socially awkward (but getting better!).

tomyum and family

During the day, he spends his time chilling and sleeping in the marketing office, sales office, or walking around the garden area, occasionally acting tough by barking at people who walk by. When hanging around the pet park, he is always keeping an eye on his rival, the big brown soi dog that comes around HOMA. During his deep sleep, Chigo snores as loud as a middle-aged man which will sometimes even cause him to wake up.

“With many major companies already allowing their employees to bring pets to work, it is great that HOMA is doing the same. Not only do pets help you reduce stress, having Chigo around has encouraged me to socialize with guests and get to know them more.” – Jap

His experience in Phuket

Since moving down to Phuket, he has been going out to the beach and swimming in the ocean almost every weekend. When in the water, his short legs require him to have a life jacket on at all times. Apart from his adventures, Chigo has settled in nicely and is relishing his time at HOMA. He is adored by guests and staff and enjoys the pet-friendly environment that allows him to take daily walks multiple times a day.

lucky and lars in HOMA's community garden

Here at HOMA, he has made friends with other dogs like Tom Yum and Odin and is looking forward to meeting Marty. He’s also able to let his curious nose roam free by taking his time smelling plants around the community garden as well as marking his territory in the pet park. Something that he doesn’t have access to when living in Bangkok due to the number of soi dogs in the neighborhood.

Don’t forget to say hi to Chigo when you meet him around the property (or at SeaSix on Fridays) and if you’re interested in purchasing a HOMA pet scarf, you can buy one here (99 THB) and pick it up at the sales office.


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