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Pets of HOMA – Meet Marty

Yulia and sandra - pets of homa

Meet Marty, the 1-year-old chestnut brown Mini Maltipoo. He and Anastasiia come from Yekaterinburg, a city east of the Ural Mountains in Russia. He is described as a very sociable pup who is comfortable and confident when meeting new people. When it comes to other dogs, Marty is equally friendly especially when they are the same size. Marty also has an honors degree from a dog training school back in Russia by mastering all advanced tricks including; spinning, rolling, lying, jumping, paw, and giving hi-fives. The most impressive part? No special treats are usually involved!

While Anastasiia teaches online rhythmic gymnastics during the day, Marty helps keep a lookout on the balcony just to ensure everything is safe and sound. He likes to bark at kids that pass by the apartment as it’s his way to ‘protect the house’. When off duty, he loves to steal socks from his owners and hides them around the house.

What is Marty like?

sanya in homa community garden

Marty is the symbol of a free spirit that loves to travel and hates being kept on a leash. He is a great travel companion as he enjoys exploring new places whether it is a trip to cafes, restaurants, or running free at the beach. When traveling somewhere by car, his travel sense tingles as he jumps straight onto the seat and is well-behaved; showing an attitude of “I’m ready! We can head off!”. When heading home, he gets equally excited, no matter if he’s been away for 5 minutes or 3 hours. At the end of the day, his sleeping mechanism involves having sudden zoomies by digging into the floor or sofa very quickly with his paws, then spinning around, and finally falling asleep.

Twice a month, he will go to the salon and get a fresh trim. His hair is always looking healthy and rarely falls out which makes him hypoallergenic. He also has no strong dog smell which is very comfy for his owners. Marty enjoys Thailand’s climate because he doesn’t need extra accessories like coats that protect them from the harsh cold in Russia. This way he can always show off his fresh cut.

sanya in homa lobby

Anastasiia discovered HOMA through social media when she was browsing for pet-friendly places in Phuket which have now become their home. Marty loves to roam around the complex in the community gardens but his favorite place is on the sofa in the lobby area. So you better behave when around HOMA’s entrance because Marty is always keeping an eye on you.

Marty will soon turn 2 on the 17th of July so don’t forget to say happy birthday and share Bully Sticks (his favorite snack) with him. Also, don’t forget to give him a follow on Instagram (@marty_maltipoo_) to stay up to date with his adventures!


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