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Pets of HOMA – Meet Sam

Julia, Roman, and Sam - pets of homa

Meet Sam, the Scottish Highland Straight. He, Roman, and Julia, come all the way from the cold of Novosibirsk in Siberia. The family has now chosen HOMA Phuket Town as their new home. Usually a playful character, during this photoshoot Sam was a little shy due to a sudden change of environment.

Back In Novosibirsk, Sam enjoys going to the grooming salon every 3 months to maintain his fabulous fur. Since moving to Phuket, Roman and Julia have been trying to do the grooming themselves and are still on the lookout for a good groomer who can get along with Sam. So if you have any recommendations for a good cat groomer close to HOMA, please let Roman and Julia know.

What is Sam like?

sam the scottish highland straight

While Roman and Julia work as software engineers during the day, like most cats, Sam spends his time laying on the sofa doing nothing. On other days, Sam likes to walk around on the balcony and hunt for flies and birds as well as enjoy the Samkong neighborhood view. We’ve also been told that Sam absolutely loves sour cream and that he is ready to sell his soul to get a taste.

sam with his toy

Sam was born in September and is now almost 2 years old. Since he is the only child in the family, he gets spoiled with an abundance of toys. His favorite is an old plush fish that he brought with him from Russia to give him comfort. But when he is stressed (as he was in this photo shoot), he’ll take out his anger on his scratch and spin toy. At the end of the day, as Sam prepares himself for bed, he likes to rapidly change his mood from being a cute fluffball to an absolute demon in a span of a few seconds.

A well-rounded experience at HOMA

sam and family

“HOMA is exactly what we were looking for, a pet-friendly place with good service and a great community all in one.”

For Sam and his family, HOMA has been a really good fit. The co-living complex has everything they need, from a coworking space for Roman to work on projects, an authentic rooftop Italian restaurant for a couples romantic dinner, to a pet-friendly environment for Sam. Roman and Julia also love to spend their time visiting local attractions such as Chillva Night Market and Andamanda Water Park as well as exploring different islands around Phuket. Initially, they plan to stay at HOMA for just 6 months but are looking to extend their stay further.

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