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Pets of HOMA – Meet Tom Yum

Anton, Anna, and TomYum - pets of homa

Meet Tom Yum, the 2 months old chihuahua from Bangkok. He has settled in nicely in Phuket with his loving family, Anton and Anna. The artistic couple from Russia have been traveling around the world for the past 4 years and now, they have an additional member who can join them on their adventures.

tom yum pets of homa

During the day, Anton and Anna focus on their creative work while Tom Yum is kept busy with his mountain of new toys. His favorite pick of the bunch is the fluffy duck and loves begging to get up on the bed because it is forbidden. Since he is still young, we won’t be seeing much of Tom Yum around the HOMA facility just yet. Once he receives all the required vaccinations, we will surely see this brave young Chihuahua more often.

What is Tom Yum like?

tom yum the chihuahua

Without a doubt, Tom Yum is the smallest pup at HOMA but has the biggest heart. Unlike many smaller dog breeds, Tom Yum is super friendly and is always in the mood to meet new people. He is very brave and loves to explore new places. Within just two weeks of training, he can already sit, give his paw, and is quickly developing different personalities every single day. Luckily for us, we got to witness his first jump off the bed during this photoshoot. Good job Tom Yum!

tomyum and family

Anton and Anna work as an architect & graphic designer and discovered HOMA through social media. They were looking for pet-friendly accommodation that caters to their digital nomad needs. One thing that the couple was considering when finding a new home in Phuket is a friendly community living concept, that’s why they decided to stay at HOMA.

We provide a true work-from-home experience through our co-working space as well as offer community events on a weekly basis.

Looking for a place to live and work? Join the HOMA tribe and experience daily fitness classes, enjoy the longest rooftop pool in Phuket, and get work done at our co-working space on-site!


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