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Pets of HOMA - Meet Odin

Updated: Jul 27, 2022

Yulia and sandra - pets of homa

Meet Odin the West Highland White Terrier. He and Tatiana come all the way from Russia. The pair have been enjoying their stay at HOMA through the pet-friendly facilities provided. Odin is described as a super friendly dog that is always wagging his tail but sometimes he needs a little bit of time to trust strangers (don’t we all?!).

What is Odin like?

sanya in homa community garden

Being only just 5 and a half years old, Odin is still quite young but often acts super old and grumpy. While Tatiana works as a freelancer during the day, she has plenty of time to take Odin out for walks around the complex and neighborhood. In a couple of months, Odin will turn 6 years old (that’s 40 years old in human years!) so he isn’t too keen on long walks but loves a fun swim session.

sanya in homa lobby

While Odin is a super smart dog, he can be equally stubborn at times. He has mastered all the tricks that will get him treats including giving high fives, standing, sitting, and staying down. After all the hard work, he loves getting rewarded with mangoes and papayas. Luckily for him, there are plenty in Thailand. Apart from all this, he’s always down to play a game of fetch with his favorite tennis ball and is currently the best ball catcher at HOMA.

Don’t forget to say hi to Odin when you see him around the complex, most likely in the HOMA community garden as he enjoys marking his territory there.

“Homa is about comfort and hospitality. We’re happy to be here! Homa is home for now.” - Tatiana

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