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Quarantine Hotels in Thailand

Updated: Dec 27, 2022

Most quarantine hotels are located in Bangkok. As of February 23, 2021, there are 131 official Alternative State Quarantine (ASQ) hotels in Bangkok and 58 Alternative Local State Quarantine (ALSQ) hotels in other 10 provinces including Phuket, Surat Thani, Chonburi, Prachinburi, Buriram, and Mukdahan.

List of quarantine hotels in Thailand

So what is the difference between ASQ & ALSQ hotels?

An ASQ hotel refers to an alternative paid quarantine hotel in Bangkok while an ALSQ hotel is an alternative paid quarantine hotel located outside of Bangkok. Both are for Thais and for non-Thai nationals who are willing to pay extra for more luxurious accommodation. Apart from the AQS and ALSQ hotels, state quarantine hotels are offered to only Thai citizens free of charge with government support.

What is it like in a quarantine hotel in Thailand?

Once they arrive at the hotel, guests will be assigned to a room, in which they will stay for the whole quarantine period of 14-day. As a part of contactless services, all meals and drinking water are served on a table in front of the room on schedule and guests can enjoy the room service menu at an extra charge. At some hotels, guests can also order some stuff online from a convenient store like 7-11. After receiving the first negative test result, they will be allowed to leave the room for a short period of time to get some fresh air and use the hotel facilities.

How much does it cost to quarantine in Thailand?

The packages cover a wide price range from THB 27,000 (about USD 900) to THB 280,000 (about USD 9,300) per person for a 14-day quarantine period, mainly depending on the locations, hotel star ratings, room types, and co-hospitals.

ASQ and ALSQ packages include not only the stay for 15 nights, but also complimentary 3 meals a day, bottled drinking water, free WiFi, one-way transfer from the airport to the hotel, 24-hour on-site nursing support, and 2 COVID-19 swab tests.

Some hotels also include additional amenities and services into their ASQ or ALSQ packages such as a complimentary minibar, an extra meal, a yoga mat, and doctor’s consultation. We highly recommend checking with the hotel before making the reservation on what is included in the package and what will be at an extra charge.

How can I book a quarantine hotel in Thailand?

It is essential to reserve your stay before travelling. Once you have chosen a hotel that suits you, contact the hotel directly for more information and reservation as well as arranging the payment. Most quarantine hotels will only accept payment through a credit card, but some will also accept debit card transactions. The lists of the officially approved ASQ and ASLQ hotels can be found here.

Is it possible to arrive in Bangkok and then transit to an ALSQ hotel in Phuket?

You cannot arrive at a Bangkok airport and then transit to an ALSQ hotel in any other province straightaway. If you arrive in Bangkok, you are required to complete the quarantine in a Bangkok hotel. And if you arrive at the Phuket international airport, you must quarantine in a Phuket hotel.

ALSQ Hotels in Phuket

Before enjoying the sunny side of life in Phuket, a 14-day quarantine must be completed first. Therefore, selecting an ASLQ hotel is essential. At the moment, there 24 ALSQ hotels being officially approved as of February 23, 2021.

  1. Phuket Graceland Resort & Spa

  2. Metadee Resort & Villas

  3. The Sense Resort and Pool Villas

  4. Nai Yang Beach Resort & Spa

  5. The LifeCo Phuket Well-Being Detox Center

  6. Andakira Resort & Spa

  7. The Gig Hotel

  8. Sleep with me design hotel @Patong

  9. Ramada By Wyndham Phuket Deevana Hotel

  10. SAii Laguna Phuket Resort

  11. Peach Blossom Resort and Pool Villa Beach Resort

  12. The Royal Paradise Hotel & Spa

  13. Oakwood Hotel Journeyhub Phuket

  14. Ibis Phuket Kata

  15. Ibis Phuket Patong

  16. Burasari Phuket Resort & Spa

  17. Bauman Residence Hotel

  18. Mai House Patong Hill

Long Stay Accommodation in Phuket after Quarantine

Since providing evidence of long-term residence in Thailand is a must when applying for the Special Tourist Visa (STV), you should be well-prepared for this requirement. If you are a digital nomad not owning a house or condominium and want to live in Phuket for a minimum of 3 months, staying in a hotel might not be your best solution because of the prices. If budget is your main point of consideration, more affordable alternatives are serviced apartments and co-living spaces. Both types of accommodation offer a private room and shared amenities, facilities, and services. But if you are looking to meet new people and grow with a like-minded community, then a co-living space is the perfect place. On another note, we also find that co-living spaces tend to have more flexible leases than serviced apartments and costs less.

HOMA, with the convenience of a hotel and the comfort of home, is Thailand's first LEED-certified co-living space, providing cutting-edge design and technology to ensure sustainability. Both properties (Phuket Town and Cherngtalay) will offer an attractive combination of affordability, lease flexibility, and great common areas and social areas with high-quality facilities.

If you are looking for great food, sunshine, beautiful beaches and tropical islands, Phuket of Thailand could be back on your agenda now.

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