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Pets of HOMA - Meet Sandra

Updated: Dec 21, 2022

Yulia and sandra - pets of homa

Yulia and Sandra (more commonly known as Sanya) come all the way from Russia. After only a few weeks at HOMA Phuket Town, the pair has settled in quite nicely. How do we know this? Because Sanya has already found a playmate with a neighboring cat just a couple of doors down.

What is Sanya like?

sanya in homa community garden

Sanya is a Turkish Angora with short hair and is known to be quite talkative. Despite looking very delicate in her fluffy white coat, Sanya actually has many dog-like characteristics. She’s described to be very comfortable around people and loves to play. During the day, Yulia works remotely in the IT field while Sanya spends her time trying to get Yulia’s attention to play fetch with her favorite plush toys.

While most cats are more comfortable staying in their home environment, Sanya loves to go on walks and is always curious to explore new places. If you’re walking around the complex during the afternoon, you will most likely find her in her favorite spot, the HOMA parking lot.

sanya in homa lobby

In July, Sanya will turn 2 years old! Don’t forget to say Happy Birthday when you see her in the HOMA common areas. She’s easy to spot in her bright red harness.

If you’re interested in participating in our pet photoshoot like this one, feel free to reach out to us at


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