Celebrate #WorldEnvironmentDay with HOMA through sustainable living

For this year (and every year), all of us at HOMA celebrate World Environment Day by being fully committed to building a better community that caters to an affordable and sustainable lifestyle. Let’s see how we do it.

Here’s how we make a difference;

All our guests and team members help contribute to reducing carbon footprint through energy and water conservation, recycling, as well as community farming.

Efficiency in our DNA

We’re proud to announce that for HOMA Phuket Town, our living complexes are 43% more energy-efficient than the average building in Thailand. This is done through energy-saving practices such as using LED lights, using low-emissivity windows that help reflect sunlight, and with solar panel installation in the pipelines, it’s only going to get better.

Water is life

At HOMA, we take preserving water seriously. Why? Because water supports all human, plant, and animal life. Apart from the human body being up to 60% water, we use it to produce food, manufacture goods, and sustain health. That is why we are proud to provide all our guests with free and clean drinking water. But how can we manage this?

HOMA provides free drinking water to all our guests
HOMA provides free drinking water to all our guests

Because HOMA rooftops collect up to 1,600 sqm of rainwater which then goes through a filtration system to be reused in all low-flush toilets and watering plants throughout the entire complex. Apart from this, all our sinks operate with aeration technology that helps reduce 60% water consumption from faucets. These practices alone contribute to a whopping 53% of water-reduction efficiency compared to the standard building of the same dimensions in Thailand enabling us to offer free drinking water throughout.

A natural flow in design

Summer days can be tough, and if you live in Thailand, it’s pretty much every day. Luckily, our open-air lobby is connected with the design and orientation of the three buildings naturally creating a venturi (wind tunnel) effect between the structures. This helps maintain the airflow circulation of the buildings and stabilizes the temperature of the exterior surface cooling both you and the building down through lower energy consumption.

HOMA Phuket Town complex walkway
HOMA complex walkway

Moreover, we make sure that windows are open at both ends of every hallway to ensure that all rooms and common areas are adequately ventilated. This design feature naturally improves the air quality in every unit by replacing old air with a fresh batch every 4 hours in common areas and every 12 hours in each room. After all, fresh air is the (not-so) secret to a healthy life.

Pursuing a zero-waste policy

Of the seven billion tonnes of plastic waste generated globally, less than 10% has been recycled. At HOMA, we provide in-room recycling bins, free water refill stations, and paperless contracts for all our guests to encourage a zero-waste policy without any extra effort.

Eco-friendly housekeeping

Our housekeeping team operates with eco-friendly cleaning solutions that are all certified by the Environmental Protection Agency and the European Union as sustainable products. In addition to using green products, housekeeping makes sure that the utilities in all unoccupied rooms are switched off. This practice saves up to 80Kwh of energy per room each month.

HOMA uses eco-friendly cleaning products
HOMA uses eco-friendly cleaning products

Sustainable agriculture

At HOMA, we have a community garden that is tended to by our team and have future plans to increase additional garden space for our guests to nurture as well. This is in line with our efforts to promote sustainable agriculture by decreasing food transportation costs and reducing water runoff. Humans, plants, and animals all benefit from this concept as it creates natural habitats and improves the ecology of the area.

Community Garden at HOMA Phuket Town
HOMA’s community garden

Here’s how you can help

Individuals such as yourself can also become a driver of change by adopting a greener lifestyle. From becoming a zero-waste champion, reducing the usage of single-use plastics to investing in sustainable products and supporting ecotourism.

We’re proud to be the first eco-friendly accommodation complex in the heart of Phuket Town to acquire the LEED & EDGE certification [More info below]. Along with other famous buildings worldwide (TAIPEI 101, The Crystal London, and the Facebook HQ to name a few), HOMA Phuket Town is a LEED Silver Certified building and is committed to becoming a Leader in Energy and Environmental Design with water-saving initiatives, efficient energy usage, and many more sustainable building practices. Don’t believe us? Come see it for yourself.

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What are LEED and EDGE certifications?

LEED Certification

LEED Certification Qualifications
LEED Certification Qualifications Source: DMG Thailand

LEED or Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design is a green building certification program that recognizes developments with excellent practices that accommodate human and environmental health. This includes a wide range of critical elements combined together like energy, water, health, and biodiversity.

EDGE Certification

EDGE Certification Qualifications
EDGE Certification Qualifications Source: Kenya Green Building Society

EDGE is another standard green building certification that is rewarded to developers that have Excellence in Design for Greater Efficiencies. To get certified, developers have to make sure that building features and design help reduce carbon footprint. This includes implementing sustainable strategies from the beginning, usually done through resource-efficient building designs, energy-saving practices, and water reduction initiatives.

Our future goals

In addition to HOMA Phuket Town, we have set our sights set on acquiring the LEED Gold and EDGE Advanced for our second project in Phuket; HOMA Cherngtalay. We are also currently in the process of submitting HOMA Siracha for the EDGE certification as well. If you’re interested to learn more about our sustainability practices, just hit the button below.

HOMA’s sustainability practices

About World Environment Day 2022

2022 marks a 50-year milestone since the first international meeting on global environment awareness at the 1972 United Nations Conference. This meeting was the pioneer that kickstarted a host of new global initiatives to collectively protect the Earth and paved the way for the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

“In the universe are billions of galaxies, in our galaxy are billions of planets, but there is Only One Earth.”

For more info about World Environment Day, please visit www.worldenvironmentday.global

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