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8 Best Restaurants to Eat in Si Racha

Updated: Jun 27, 2023

Si Racha is a hidden gem in Thailand, filled with amazing attractions such as the space museum, zoo, country clubs, and scenic temples. After a long day of exploring, it's always great to treat yourself to some delicious food. Luckily, Si Racha has a variety of incredible restaurants to choose from. Whether you're in the mood for Thai food or international cuisine, Si Racha has it all.

Here are some of the best places to eat while you’re in Si Racha, do note that some restaurants listed below may not actually be in Si Racha, but close enough for you to go to while there.

Best Restaurants in Si Racha

1. Mum Aroi

Mum Aroi Restaurant Si Racha

Perhaps one of the most famous restaurants in Si Racha, Mum Aroi is well known for its absolutely delicious seafood, huge space for a crowd, and a scenic view of the ocean. Located right on the beach of Si Racha, the restaurant features Thai’s best local dishes favoured among tourists and locals alike.

Its signature: Mum Aroi is famous for its fresh and delicious seafood which includes spicy tom yum soup, grilled squid, and deep-fried sea bass. It also offers a unique culinary experience with its seafood market where diners can choose their own live seafood from tanks and have it cooked to order.

2. Grand Seaside by S&P

Grand seaside restaurant Si Racha

Another local cuisine restaurant in Si Racha, the Grand Seaside features more modern decor and atmosphere. Located slightly offshore, the restaurant is mainly surrounded by seaview and with a tantalising menu to match. Expect to enjoy great Thai cuisine while basking in the ocean’s aroma.

Its signature: Similar to Mum Aroi, the Grand Seaside is famous for its seafood dishes that include grilled prawns, fish curry, and seafood platters. They also offer a "cook your own" hot pot, where diners can select their favourite ingredients and cook them to their liking.

3. Joe & Kodi Cafe

Joe Kodi Cafe Si Racha

Image source:

Up for something closer to home? Discover the surprisingly delicious Italian-style food at Joe & Kodi Cafe. Located in the hustle & bustle of town, this quaint restaurant offers visitors great pasta dishes, pizzas, and booze to satisfy your Western cuisine cravings. Look for the green ‘Joe & Kodi Cafe parking’ sign along Kao Kilo road and you’re there!

Its signature: This is where you go for beautiful latte art and choices to customise your own waffles with various toppings and accoutrements.

4. Levanzo

Levanzo Italian restaurant Si Racha

Need a place that is more upscale for date night in Si Racha? You can’t quite fail when you’re at Levanzo. The restaurant serves modern Italian cuisine perfect for a dinner date while travelling. We hear that the pasta dishes are out of this world over there.

Its signature: Levanzo’s signature dishes include its Truffle Mushroom Risotto and Burrata Pizza, which received rave reviews all year round. The restaurant also features an open kitchen for an interesting cooking viewing experience.

5. Coffee Ashibi

Ashibi Cafe Si Racha

You can’t discuss the best restaurants in Si Racha without mentioning Japanese restaurants. To start, let’s bring you to a cool cafe called Coffee Ashibi. Located in the middle of Si Racha town, the cafe is actually a combination of multiple eateries selling light meals, soft serve ice cream, coffee, a shabu shabu restaurant, and even vending machines straight from Japan in a confined area. Experience the good food and the unique Japanese-inspired decor and floor art here!

Its signature: The eatery's signature dishes include its Charcoal Latte and Butterfly Pea Tea. This place also takes pride in serving great latte art and customisable toasts with delicious toppings.

6. Kobe Gyu no Takumi Yakiniku

Kobe Gyu no takumi Si racha

Image source:

If you’re looking for more good Japanese food, then you should definitely have a go at Kobe Gyu no Takumi. This restaurant serves yakiniku (grilled meat) that you’ll have the pleasure of grilling yourself right on your table. The price can get a bit steep especially if you’re ordering the place’s signature kobe beef, but you’ll get what you pay for here.

Its signature: the Kobe Gyu no Takumi is famous for its Kobe Beef Set and Wagyu Sukiyaki, both cooked on a smokeless grill right at your table.

7. Common Room

Common Room Si Racha

In the mood for a restaurant with a more modern ambience and good cafe food? The Common Room is your best bet in Si Racha. Serving their guests hearty continental breakfasts, coffee, and mouth-watering desserts, the restaurant showcases Si Racha’s hipster culture in delicious fashion.

It’s signature: Common Room’s signature dishes include the Chiang Mai Curry Noodle and the Butterfly Pea Rice with Spicy Sausage. A unique culinary experience you can get at the restaurant include the option to customise your own charcuterie board and the restaurant's cosy and intimate atmosphere, complete with a fireplace and outdoor seating area.

8. Japanese Food Galore

Park Nihon Japanese Food Galore Si Racha

As you may have known already, Si Racha is a town imbued with Japanese culture, and the J-Park Nihon Mura is the centre of it all. The community mall is dubbed ‘Little Osaka’, and it is the ultimate Japanese paradise outside Japan smack dab in the middle of Si Racha. With great Japanese culture and architecture, comes also scrumptious Japanese food. Choose from a wide variety of Japanese restaurants within the mall and satisfy your Japanese food cravings here.

Its signature: A bevvy of Japanese restaurants serving authentic Japanese dishes, from the high end to the more everyday meal.

Eat, Travel, Love

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Si Racha continues to be a great place to visit when you’re planning a trip to Thailand. With its beautiful beaches, scenic temples, and great food, there is nothing better than to spend time with your significant other as well as family and friends here! Oh, and if you’re also looking for the best lodging at Si Racha, do check out our one-bedroom apartments and suites at HOMA and book today!


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