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People of HOMA – Meet the Marketing Team

The Marketing team is one of the newest departments at HOMA. It consists of 3 individuals who specialize in different aspects of marketing; copywriting, social media, and graphic design. They are the ones behind all social media activities and marketing content for the property, both online and offline. Let’s meet the team.

HOMA Marketing Team
HOMA Marketing Team

Who we are:

Jap is a third-culture kid with a political science background who grew up in 3 continents of Asia, Europe, and North America but doesn’t seem to fit into either one. He’s traveled to over 30 countries but still hasn’t made it to neighboring Cambodia yet. His top 3 destinations are; Iceland, Portugal, and Montenegro.

A big-city kid by birth but an island boy by heart. Jap is bad at texting and doesn’t believe in capital letters but works as a content writer. An all things in ‘dark mode’ kind of person who spends his free time listening to music, watching dog videos, scuba diving, and exploring viewpoints and beaches.


  • all things dog-related
  • taking drone shots of the ocean (@highthaivibes)
  • salted popcorn ????
  • football ⚽️
  • regency thai brandy
  • the simpsons

Attire of choice: something burgundy, shorts, flipflops, and sunglasses

Favorite movie: Schindler’s List

Patricia is energetic, creative, and a free spirit. She’s a sea-born soul from the Bay of Gibraltar, in the South of Spain. Naturally an introvert but sometimes talks a lot (according to Jap). A feminist by heart and a ukulele player by practice. She’s passionate about acoustic and Reggae music, so you may find her jammin’ at rasta bars. A portrait photography enthusiast and a professional singer in the shower. She dislikes theme park roller coasters but is often caught up in emotional ones.

For over a year, Patricia has found peace in aromatherapy and often spends her free time making scented candles that she features on IG: @southerncandlesphuket


  • Singing acoustic covers and karaoke
  • Cinnamon scented candles
  • Taking portraits or drawing them
  • Tidy and cozy spaces on rainy days
  • Matcha or avocado treats
  • IPA beer and red wine

Mee is a local southern girl who always has extra room for sweets. She has a natural eye for style and good design and is a green tea frappe with an extra level of sweetness kind of person. When walking around at HOMA, you can easily spot her from a distance. She’s tall and is often wearing stylish sneakers to match her different colors of headscarves. In her free time, she cares for small plants, decorates rooms, and is always on the lookout for Instagrammable cafes.


  • Korean and Thai series
  • Aghase GOT7’s
  • Ice cream, toast, white chocolate
  • Taking sky shots every morning
  • Cactus, Indian rubber, and Fiddle Fig

Must-have items:

  • Phone + charger ????
  • Lipstick ????

Attire of choice: Dark or Earth tone shirt, shawl, sneaker, trousers, and crossbody bag

Help show your support to the marketing team by reading HOMA blogs, engaging with community events, and following HOMA on social media platforms. When walking around HOMA, don’t forget to say hi to Jap, Pat, and Mee. Also, if you also have any feedback and recommendations for the website/social media, feel free to let them know.


If you’re interested in participating in an article like this, feel free to reach out to

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